Data Logger

DL-650 is a device that can read parameter from any of our instruments or controller with RS-485 facility and store the data. It has an inbuilt flow meter function.


  • User friendly
  • Suitable for data acquisition from 10 different instruments through RS485
  • User settable frequency for data logging
  • Frequency is settable from 1 min. to 999 min.
  • Can be used as flow rate indicator, totaliser
  • Comes with 4 GB SD Card
  • Data from memory card importable into excel format with date & time stamp


Universal Indicator

The UT-650 offers an advantage of displaying parameter value received from any type of field transmitter (4-20mA output). The resolution and the range of indication is field settable.


  • Suitable for 2/3/4 wire field transmitter
  • Inbuilt 12V D.C. supply source for field transmitter (like PO600 and CT600 12V D.C.)
  • Resolution is settable from 0.001 to 1
  • In built alarm annunciator with acknowledgment facility
  • Used to display parameter value like pH/ORP/TDS/Pressure/Flow/Level/Temp/D.O. with two relay output for high and low set point
  • Programmable Hysteresis & Control delay
  • Options of retransmission of RS485 and 4-20 mA O/P


Valve Controller

Microprocessor based valve controller VC-550 to make any solenoid vale operation automatic. The VC-550 provides facility to automate up to 5 solenoid valves. Logic for filter, softener, SBA, SAC are pre programmed with all timing are settable at site for user convenience.


  • Easy setting using front keys
  • Password protection for all setting
  • UNIVERSAL can be used for filter, softner, SBA, SAC automation
  • USER SETTABLE all timings are settable at site
  • Regeneration can be initiated based on time or volume or pulse
  • Settable output on delays avoids water hammering
  • Two switch inputs RWT level & TWT Level
  • One Flow input with batcher


Flow Dispenser


  • Hassel free uninterrupted flow every time
  • Dispenses exact quantity of water in every batch to eliminate excessive consumption of water
  • No need of operator or load cell for water filling
  • Batch can reset remotely by an external "Bell Switch"
  • Dual line backlit LCD display for flow rate and batch indication
  • All values are settable at site by front keypad. User can set batch volume at site
  • Optional computer interface with RS485 output


Batcher & Totaliser

With just a push of a button the dispenser opens the solenoid valve/switches on the pump till the batch volume is dispensed.
Flow dispenser has a relay output that can be wired to switch ON the solenoid valve or pump for dispensing. The LCD display shows the flow rate and the batch volume. The batch volume count downwards till zero. At zero solenoid valve or pump will be switch OFF.
Dispensing can be initiated by pressing the 'ACK' button on the front panel or a "Bell Switch" in case of remote operation.