Micro-Processor Based Panels for Reverse Osmosis

1. Astero 1MP / 3MP

Astero1MP/ Astero 3 MP is ideal suited for small RO Plants, Standalone Filter, Softening Plants with manual as well as auto MPV.

  • MS Powder Coated Enclosure Suitable for Wall Mounting

  • Power On / Off Switch

  • LED Indications for Power ON, Pump ON, Pump Overload and Input status

  • Easy Overload Setting Through Knob

  • Protection Against Single Phasing

  • User Settable Flushing Time (For RO)

  • Delay Timer to Protect Pump Against Power Surges and Chattering (For RO)

  • Pump will trip if LPS remain OFF for more than 5-7 second therby avoiding an chattering of the pump (For RO)

  • Pump ON/OFF based on Raw Water / Treated Water Tank Floaty (For Filter / Softner)

  • Depressurized the System by Switching Off Pump During Valve Rotation (For Chiller / Softner)

2. Simply Astero 11/13

Cost effective plug and play control panels for semi automatic RO plants with all pump safeties, level, pressure inputs and auto annual facility

  • Complete RO Logic Programmed

  • Mimic diagram with 6 LEDs for I/O Indication

  • 16 X 2 Alphanumeric LCD Display with Keypad for Programming

  • Auto / Manual Facility (even in MANUAL mode motor protection doesn′t get bypassed)

  • Automatically Flushes the Membrane during Starting, Stopping & after a Set Interval

  • Takes Care of Required Motor Protection such as Overload, Single Phasing, Dry Running

  • Two Separate Rocker Switches to Switch OFF/ON Raw Water and High Pressure Pump in Manual Mode

  • Bigger Terminals for Power

  • Pressfit connector for control terminals for ease of wiring

  • Power and Control Termination at Different Location

  • In Built Operation Hour Counter

  • In Built Conductivity / TDS indicator with Tripping Facility @high Conductivity / TDS

  • Password Protected Settings

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