Digital Flow Meter

Our Turbine Flow Meter has a flow sensor with a magnetic muti-bladed spinning rotor (impeller) mounted inside at right angles to the flow. The rotational speed of the impeller is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The pulse generated is transmitted and converted into a volumetric measurement.



  • Digital Flow Meter Measuring Flow Rate from 0.05 m³/hr to 500 m³/hr

  • Combined indicator / Totalizer / Batcher / Rate switch / Pulsar Mode

  • Dual Sensor, Dual Line, Single Meter, for RO Applications

  • Remote or Local Reset

  • Optional Computer Interface with RS485 or 4-20mA Output

  • Batcher And Totalizer

    Relay gets energized after a fixed quantity of water passes through the sensor. The batcher has a auto reset, manual reset & dual relay operation facility. Batch quantity counts downwards till zero value.

  • Flow Compariator

    The meter is supplied with two sensors for RO permeate and reject line. The meter displays both the flow rates and calculates percentage recovery.

  • Rate Switch Mode

    The relay is programmed to get energized whenever actual flow falls below the set value. Display shows “LOW FLOW RATE”. Ideal for flow interlock, chemical dosing.

  • Pulser

    Meter can be configured to any metering /dosing pump. Chemical dosing can be done on-line proportional to flow.

  • Optional Data Logger

    The flow meter is available with data logger option where flow rate & total flow with date and time is stored in a 2GB Memory card.

Flow Sensor

Various types of sensors available from 10NB to 300NB line size with wide range of process connection as well as material of construction

• 6NB , 20NB , 25NB & 50NB Full bore

• 40NB to 300NB Insertion type

Flow Sensors

1. Full Bore Sensor


•  Inexpensive and accurate

•  All Plastic wetted parts

•  Easy to install and maintain

•  Threaded housing allows field maintenance.

•  Each fitting individually calibrated and marked with K factor. (ml/pulse)

•  Ceramic ball bearing for superior low flow performance

•  High amplitude pulse output signal can travel even 100 meter distance without the need of transmitter

•  Sensor can be used directly with PLC or Data logger

•  For best results it is recommended to provide a straight run of 10 and 5D on the upstream and downstream respectively

Full Bore Sensor

RANGES 6 NB 20 NB 25 NB 50 NB
Flow Range min. 0.05 m3/hr 0.1 m³/hr 0.25 m3/hr 0.1 m³/hr
Flow Range max. 0.5 m3/hr 2.5 m³/hr 8.0 m3/hr 30 m3/hr
End connections BSPM BSPM BSPM BSPM
Face to Face Dim. 88mm 88mm 205mm 260mm
1 Type Full Bore Turbine
2 Fluid Water
3 S.G. Of Medium 1
4 Housing GF Nylon / Noryl
5 Impeller Polypropylene
6 Bearing Ceramic
7 Pin / Shaft Carbide
8 Sensing Element Hall Effect I.C
9 Accuracy ±2% Of Full Scale
10 Maximum Temp 60° C
11 Maximum Pressure 5.0 kg/cm2
12 Pressure Drop 0.3 Kg/cmat Max.flow
13 Cable Length(STD) 3 mtr. Shielded / 5 mtr(optional)
*3/5 meter Teflon cable optional

2. Insertion Sensor


•  Inexpensive and accurate

•  Each fitting individually calibrated and marked with K factor (ml/pulse)

•  Ceramic ball bearing for superior low flow performance

•  High amplitude pulse output signal can travel even 100 meter distance without the need of transmitter

•  Insertion type sensor also available with solvent cementable adapters for PVC tees

•  Fitting automatically set probe at correct depth and orientation

•  SS Tri clover sensor for Food grade & pharma application

Insertion Sensor

LINE SIZE                                FLOW RANGE
40 NB 0.5 19
50 NB 3.5 35
65 NB 5 50
80 NB 9 90
100 NB 14 140
125 NB 22 220
150 NB 30 300
200 NB 50 500


For larger than 200NB line size sensors are available with Hot tab assembly for easy maintenance

Pipe Fitting

  • Body and Impeller: Engineering plastic
  • Installation fittings

Material of Construction

Sensor Body Noryl
Impeller Noryl
Shaft/Pin Carbide
Bearing Ceramic
Sensing Element Hall Effect I.C
Maximum Pressure 5 kg/cm2
Maximum Temp 60°C
Accuracy ±2% of Full Scale

Flow Fitting


•  Manufactured in the various dimensions of the matching pipes with extremely durable flange ends is incomparable in quality as well as functionality

•  Flanges drilled as per BSTD standard optional drilling ANSI

40 NB 108 Φ42 48.3
50 NB 300 Φ42 60.33
65 NB 300 Φ42 73
80 NB 300 Φ42 88.9
100 NB 300 Φ42 114.3
125 NB 300 Φ42 141.3
150 NB 300 Φ42 168.3
200 NB 300 Φ42 219.1


Note:-Insertion depth (d) should be 10% of pipe diameter (W)

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