RO / UF Panels

We are engaged in offering wide assortment of Control Panels. We provide microprocessor based control panels for RO, UF, ETP, STP, Filter/ Softner and Chiller operation within built operation logic and all safeties.

Reverse Osmosis Control Panel

Our micro processor based control panels are designed to control the system complete with an MMI (man machine interface) - these provide operator ease of use and a central display of all plant functions. The control panel has inbuilt conductivity and flow indication for permeate and concentrate flows. It also has switchgear to control the feed as well as high pressure pump with motor protection, packed with the complete plant operation logic. We have a variety of models in RO control Panel to suit the requirement based on plant size.

Ultra-Filtration Control Panel

We also provide microprocessor based control panel for Ultra Filtration process with in built plant operation logic and required safeties. * Also available micro processor based control panels for sewage/effluent treatment process.

ETP / STP Control Panel

Panels with inbuilt switchgears and required inputs helps in automating STP/ETP.

Chiller Panel

Control Panel for chiller with inbuilt temperature and flow inputs. Season Selection facility.


  • Flexible And Customizable

  • User-friendly and Patented Interface

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Controllable with Android Devices

  • Smart Alphanumeric Screen

  • Multicolored Backgrounds

  • Remote Monitoring with RS485 Port

Our Models

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