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Pankaj Mathur

by EmbarkTeam on August 13, 2018 Comments Off on Pankaj Mathur

With a rich experience of over 25 years in the field of water treatment, Mr. Mathur established Embark in 1996 after working as Head of Standard Plant division at Thermax Ltd.

Having done his chemical engineering from IIT Kanpur (1986), he started his career as a trainee engineer in the process heat division of the prestigious Thermax Ltd. After serving in Thermax for about 10 years, he conceptualized  an Instrumentation and Automation Company for the then nascent field of water treatment.

He changed the norm of importing expensive instruments, by offering completely indigenized products, tailor made for the Indian environment. Characterized as a visionary leader, skilled in driving initiatives to build organizational infrastructure in dynamic global environment Mr. Mathur prefers to lead by example and has extensive experience in working with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Mr. Pankaj Mathur heads the entire management of Embark, a business which is one of India’s leading manufacturer and suppliers of instruments, panels & controllers for water & waste water treatment.

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