pH / ORP Models

pH/ORP Meter (PO-650)

Our pH / ORP controller has been designed for easy, affordable installation in tight spaces to perform simple yet effective process control. Thanks to its compact size, the PO-650 controller can be installed on field or Panel. This versatile controller is ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as textiles, papers, photographic solutions, plating baths, chemicals and water treatment. The PO 650-pH is provided with a selectable set point for acid or alkali dosage. Measurements are directly taken from a pH electrode in the range from 0 to 14 with a 0.01 pH resolution. Accuracy is ensured by two point calibration.
The PO 650-ORP is ideally suitable for online prediction of presence of free chlorine in RO feed waters, swimming pools, drinking water as well as process water. In addition, this model features an optional 4-20 mA analog/RS 485 output.

  • Traceable to National Standards

  • Easy Setting Using Front Keys

  • Unique IP65 Enclosure

  • Auto / Manual Option for Relay

  • Individual Set Point Based Relay Operation

  • Programmable Control Delay

  • Alarm Acknowledgement Facility

  • Hysteresis to Prevent Relay Chattering

  • ATC Facility (optionally available)

  • Isolated 4-20mA Output Optionally Available for other Applications

  • Communication Ready for Monitoring / Data Logging (optionally available)

  • Inbuilt Diagnostics for Wrong Calibration or Sensor Error

Smart Transmitter (PO-600)

Our Smart Transmitter is ideal for monitoring applications, especially in hard-to-reach or cost prohibitive locations. Smart Transmitter measures pH or ORP and is compatible with most pH and ORP sensors. The transmitter has a rugged, ABS weatherproof and corrosion resistant enclosure. Smart Transmitter send process measurements from different areas in plant to central PLC/RO-Matic/Universal Indicator, Where process control decision can be made based on transmitter feedback. Smart transmitters are great cost saving alternatives to single point controllers. In situations where multiple sensing locations are required, single point controllers cost can add up quickly.


  • Traceable to National Standards

  • 3 Wire Design Eliminating the Need of External 230V Supply

  • Multi-color LED for Meter / Sensor Status

  • Can be Installed Directly on Sensor

  • Calibration Using Multi-turn Trim Pot

  • In-built Current Simulator for Easy Synchronizing with PLC or Panel Indicator

  • Optionally available with remote monitoring system

pH / ORP Sensor

It is the main part of the pH/ORP meter. It has two electrodes, one reference and one measuring electrode enclosed in glass tubing. This is dipped in to the line of which pH/ORP is to be measured, it senses the pH/ORP and sends a signal to the meter.

pH Sensor

Waste Water

ORP Sensor

Trichlor Sensor

Sensor Holder

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